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Follow These 6 Tips to Prep for Your First 5K

Jun 10

Whether your goal is to increase your fitness level, accomplish a new athletic goal, or compete against a friend, running a 5K is an excellent challenge to take on this summer.   Running your first 5K (5,000 meters or 3.1 miles) can be fun and, with the help of several tips, successful.

  1. Any good running program should include cross-training. Running by itself will be less effective and could lead to injuries. Resistance training, dynamic and static stretching, and cross-training with other means of cardio (bike, elliptical, swimming) will help prepare your body for your race. When you run, you use the same muscles repeatedly while other areas, namely your lateral hip muscles, are not used. Runners who don’t cross-train tend to have weak lateral hips, which can result in knee instability and an excessive turning out of the ankle. Cross-training will strengthen these areas and give you a rest from the repetitive stress and forces that running puts on your joints and muscles.
  1. Find a running program and follow its routine. Your goal should not be to run three miles on your first day. Start slowly and build up to your goal distance. Interval training will help increase your mileage. It often is helpful to split the distance between walking and running until you are able to run the full distance.
  1. Listen to what your body tells you. There will come a time when you are tired and want to stop, and you’ll have to motivate yourself to keep pushing.   At the same time, listen to your muscles and joints. If you experience pain or tightness in a joint, it is OK to slow down or stop. Some days you will feel better than others, and it is better to rest than to risk an injury that will keep you from achieving your ultimate goal.
  1. Find a partner to run with who is at your level. Running is a physical and a mental challenge, and having a friend’s support in overcoming your obstacles can be helpful. Scheduling your runs together can turn a rough run into a fun workout. You can push each other to improve and help one another get stronger.
  1. Make sure you are prepared for every run. No matter how long it is, warm up properly. A warm-up lasting five to 10 minutes will get your heart and muscles ready. A dynamic (moving) stretching routine will prepare your muscles and help prevent injury. After your run, set aside time to stretch, paying attention to your hips, hamstrings and calves. Stretching after you run will help you be a little more flexible for your next workout.
  1. Finally, make sure you stay hydrated. Running burns a lot of calories and makes you sweat. Once you feel thirsty, you already are becoming dehydrated. Drink water before and after your run to keep your body happy and healthy.

These tips, and of course a little sweat and hard work, will get you ready for the 5K in no time.   Running can be a very rewarding activity that is an excellent way to get in shape. The training may be difficult at times, but after you cross the finish line with a smile on your face and a great sense of accomplishment, you will rush to sign up for your next race.